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What Lies in Suicide’s Wake

Along with everything else, I wasn’t prepared for the stigma of becoming a widow this way.

By Peggy Wehmeyer 

When I lost my husband in 2008, I learned that the shocking cause of his death wasn’t as rare as I had thought. More than 45,000 Americans died last year from suici...
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Paths Out of Darkness

Jennifer Couzin Frankel
When my younger sister died by suicide 7 years ago, at age 30, the loss was shattering. If I considered the role of science at all, it was through the lens of failure—its failure to save her, along with the thousands who died before and after. More often, I pus...
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There's a real link between suicide and construction

By The Building TradesmanBy Jamie BeckerLaborers International Union
Not everyone who reads this article is going to agree with it. That person might be you, your co-worker or maybe even your boss. Despite that, this conversation has to happen, because we are at a crossroads. We can eit...
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