Executive Director

Gail M. Urso, MA

Cofounder and Interim Executive Director

Gail Urso has lived and worked in the Metropolitan Detroit area for most of her life.

When their oldest son Kevin died of suicide in 2013 at the age of 41, Gail and her husband John, co-founded Kevin’s Song to educate people about the prevalence of suicide in our society, the fact that the stigma associated with mental illness prevents people from getting the help they need, and the preventive measures available to prevent suicides. She is also gratified that Kevin’s Song offers hope and healing to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one by suicide.

Gail was honored in April with the 2023 American Association of Suicidology Loss Survivor Award.

Gail and John have a son Brian who resides in Naples, FL and a son Justin who lives with his wife Carrie, daughter Evie, and son Judson in Fort Worth, Texas.

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