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Suicide – The Most Misunderstood of all Deaths

Death is always painful, but its pains are compounded considerably if its cause is suicide.
When a suicide occurs, we aren’t just left with the loss of a person, we’re also left with a legacy of anger, second-guessing and fearful anxiety.

So each year I write a ...
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Seven Grief Strategies for the New Year

By purposefully facing our sorrow, and calmly, carefully thinking about what we can do to help integrate our sorrow into our larger life, we can contribute to forging our new identity.

Suicide - What do we know? What can we do? How can help those in the aftermath?

In the US, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death, accounting for 44,193 fatalities in 2015, the most recent year data is available. For youth aged 10-24, it is the 2nd leading cause of death. Each day, 121 people die from suicide, yet still most people have little or no idea what is needed to help when someone may be experiencing a suicidal crisis. According to the American Association of Suicidology, research based estimates suggest that annually about 147 people are exposed to a suicide, and 6 of those experience a major life disruption, leaving 6.5 million people trying...
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