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Thank you to our Sponsors:

The Dolores and Paul Lavins Foundation
Paul and Carol C. Schaap Fund at the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan
Linda and Robert Finkel
Kathey and Tom McGovern
Kathleen McGovern Studio of Interior Design
Annette Urso Rickel Foundation
Bonney Forge Corporation
The Carnaghi Family in Memory of Justin Carnaghi
Henry Ford Health System
The Klingler Family in Memory of Nicholas Klingler
Ann and Michael MacDonald
Darlene and J. Scott Taylor
Troy High School
Wentworth & Associates, P.C.
Anonymous Friends of the Klingler Family
Azimuth Capital Management, LLC
The Barry Family
Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation
Elizabeth and Jim Dailey
FK Engineering
Sean Moran/Morgan Stanley
PVS Chemicals, Inc.
Physicians Compounding Pharmacy
Charles W. Sample
Gail and John Urso
Wolverine Packing Co.
Dorothy Adair
Cedar Creek Hospital
CNS Healthcare
George R. and Elise M. Fink Foundation
Heidi Hannan
Northeast Guidance Center
Our Lady Star of the Sea
Anderson, Eckstein & Westrick, Inc.
Applied Science, Inc.
BJB Foundation
Amy Bouque
Maura Corrigan
Barbara Detwiler
Kyle Dold
Katie and Dave Elsila
Gerald Evelyn
Susan and Bill Francis
Jean Gough
Grosse Pointe Mom’s Club
H3 – Hope, Healing & Health
Barbara and John Jay
Sidney and J. Peter King
Susan Kornfield
L & M Healthcare Communications
Erica and Donald Lindow
Anita and Ken Meisel
Network for Good
New Directions
Alicia and John Nicholson
Plante Moran
Kyle and Jack Scott
Laura Selzer
Kelli and Kurt Unkel
Santo Urso
Rosalie Vicari
Martha and Mike Welch
Diane and Joe Alberts
Tara and Hanson Bratton
Claire and Bob Brown
CARE of Southeast Michigan
Common Ground
Becky Davenport
Rose DeSloover
Wendy Dingwell
5 Star Sports & Training Center, LLC
Flynn Benefits Group
Stephanie Flynn
Kristen Frey
G2 Consulting Group, LLC
Gina and Louis Gabel
Cindy Bauer Gaus
Sarah and Bill Gough
Hegira Programs, Inc.
Sue and David Hammel
Nancy and Al Hibbert
Nicole Johnson
Sidney Klingler
John J. Kozicki, DDS, PC
Kotz Sangster
Jeffrey Sangster and Ed Boucher
Michael Kraemer
Alicia and Martin Krall
Lutheran Church of the Master
John McSorley
Sebastian Minaudo
Nicole and Chris Murphy
Margaret and Tom O’Reilly
Anna and Shriu Pattabhi
Debbie and Stu Pettitt
Eric Pihlgren
Prepare U
Rose Hill Center, Inc.
Evelyn Sanom
Rudy Shadwell
Craig and Dorothy Shetler Family Foundation
Monica Stromberg
Molly and Scott Sutton
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
U.S.A., Inc. & Lundbeck
Ann Tobin
University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy
Laurence Vallee
Patricia and Mark Vanfaussien
Mona and Robert Wilson
Cheryl and Fred Adams
Ellen and Cary Adelman
Marianne Battani
Carmie Buhalis
Ellen and Thomas Calcaterra
Carole and John Dolan
Gigi Colombini
Emily Cremers
Sharon and Tom Dailey
Tony and Katie DeCrecsenzo
Pam and Michael DeFauw
Andrea Ferguson
Karen and Justin Ferguson
Christina Fink
Barbara and James Fortune
Gina and Louis Gabel
Ian Gray
Mona Haurani
Heritage Broadcasting Company of Michigan
Emily and Zachary Hunt
Kathleen Kennedy
Sam Kennedy
Josephine Klingler
Linda Lawrence
Terry Linnell
Vanessa Logan
Julie and Scott Lupo
Megan and James McGovern
Jignesh Madhani
Mike Marks
Heidi Moore
Mary and Michael Nabor, MD
Sharon and Leo Nouhan
Andrea Provenzano
Kyle Reinhard
Pamela and Robert Sharrow
Margaret Tobin
James Turnbull III
Skyline High School Friends of the Arts
The Wool and the Floss
Yeaman Family
Meghan Zeldes
Gemma Zitzmann and Robert Palmer


Ellen and David Abramson
Robin and Mark Adams
Jim Adams
Nancy Alberts
Aaron Alexander
Beryl and Ernest Ament
G. Anderson
Denise and Thomas Andris
Mary Ellen Anglewicz
Kelly Angus
Patricia Baker
Robert Baker
Paul Barker
Mary and David Barrett
Holly Bayster
Cathy and Steve Berlage
Dawn Benson
Kim Berch
Peggy and Stuart Best
Mary Bestet
Jane and John Blahut
Christina and Al Blakemore
Peter Bleich
Michelle and Jason Blevins
Cressie L. and Bryan Boggs
Connie Boyer
Jon Bricker
Teri Brune
Sue Buechner
Timothy Buechner
Mary Jane Butler
Janet and Joseph Calcaterra
Zach Carr
Sharon Carrier
Judith Chauvin
Mary Ellen Claypool
Tish and Gary Collett
Beth Connolly
Matthew Cook
Tanja and Kevin Cooper
John Corbin
Julie Crego
Kris Cueter
Rozelle Curtis
Joan Darish
Janet Davidson
Catherine Davis
Cheryl and Mark Deprez
Jeanne Knopf DeRoche
Michelle Dhruvan
Mary Jane Doherty
Jan Drapeau
John Drinkwater
Molly Dupes
Susan and James Eckel
Nancy and Bill Edmunda
Pamela Elsey
James Elsey
Sarah and Chris Emmerson
Dayna Eubank
Jodi and Joe Fadool
Krista and Jeff Falk
Joseph Fattore
John Fikany
Sandra Fisher
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Jim Fleming
Kathy and Chris Flynn
Kathy Forgrave
Barbara and James Fortune
James Fortune, Jr.
Jane and Andrew Frahm
Renee and Rob Freeman
Galilee Chapter #1078, Jewish Women International
Shelley and Jeff Garland
Jen and Carl Genberg
Rose Gendruschke
Leslie Genest
Karen Glover
Shannon O’Malley
Carol Rodgers Gove
Pam Grand
Rev. Marianne and Daniel Grano
John Green
Johan Grobben
George Grovesteen
Melissa Gullion
Pete Hadad
Ann Hailer
Thomas Haley
Eve Haley
Heidi Hammel
Colleen and Mike Hancz
Tammy and Joseph Haney
Sally and Tim Hannert
Katie Harr and Steve Morgan
Alison and Lance Harrison
Vanessa Hayes
Paul Held
Maureen Heller
Hallie Henrickson
Margie and Keith Hessen
Ryan Hessen
Sara and Robert Higbee
Gretel Hollister
Steve Horvath
Tina Ienna
Jean Ingersol
Rachel Jarvis
Nicole Jensen
Keily Johnson
Mary Carney Johnson
Peggy and Jeff Johnson
Kirsti and Brian Juergens
Jo Kaiser
Mary Ellen Kaiser
Bridget Karle, M.D.
Brad Kelly
Judy and Sean Kelly
Peg Kennedy
Lisha Kilgus
Genie Klingler
Abby Klotz
Beverly and Michael Kohn
Susan Konop
Phil LaBelle
Karri Lambert
Barbara and Sheldon Larky
Mary Ann Lee
Karyn Lennon
Jill Licata
Judith and Stephen Ligosky
Vanessa and Tim Lindow
Jill Loken
Jenn Lorence
Heather Lowry
Mary Lubera
Kathleen MacDonald
Melissa and Andrew MacLeod
Nicole and Jim Mahoney
Kristin Mann
Heidi Marshall
Steve Matheny
Patricia and Mark Matheson
Jason Matteo
Sue Matthews
Gregory R. McDuffee
Patti and Tommy McGowan
Therese McGratty
Kevin McIntyre
Duncan McLean
Sharon and Joe McManus
Christopher Meller
Alae Meram
Maureen and Peter Mercier
Mary Lynn Miller
Jennie Miller
Emily Moore
Teri Moore
James Moran
Margot Moran
Angela Morra
Joanne Mualem
Jim Nash
Edith and Angelo Nicholas
Kathryn Nurre
Colleen and Mike O’Brien
Wendy O’Brien
Marisa O’Dea
Ann O’Neill
Noah O’Reilly
Christina O’Reilly
Julie and Patrick Odonovan
Gretchen Ohman
Maureen Olson
Nancy Pafford
Cathy Parks
Jessica Patterson
Ashley and Grant Pellosmaa
Gar and Glenda Pellosmaa
Ann Percy
Margaret Pfeifenberger
Michelle and Jason Phillips
Marcee and Mark Poesta
Lisa Porter
Susan and Tom Porter
Barbara and Donald Robinson
Charles Roarty
Christine Roeder
Tara Rohde
Laura Rolands
Mike Ryan
Amy and Erick Ryberg
Sacred Family Causes Foundation
Jamie Samuelsen
Erin Savinov
Therese and Michael Schrage
M.T. Schwanitz
Sandra and Alan Schwartz
Amy and Jason Scott
Anne Selemba
Robert and Connie Sfire
Dorothy and Craig Shetler
Donald Shreves
Carolyn Sidari
Emma Sidari
Heather Silva
Nancy Silveri
Lucy Simone
Thomas Sirhal
Susan and Garry Smith
Mary Jo and Gordon Snavely
Sally and Nick Spain
Jane and Al Spaulding
Mark St. Cyr
Jean Stenger
Shelly Stephenson
Michael Stone
Ann Sullivan
Lawrence Sully
Keith Swaffer
Sarah Swanson
Kim Swider
Fiona Taggart
Jane and Jason Talbert
Ann Tenniswood
Nancy and Anton Tewes
The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation
The Noble Family
Shawn Thomas
Kyle Thompson
Annette and Jim Throne
Renee and Todd Triemstra
Amy Tucker
Carrie and Justin Urso
Valerie Valentino
Lisa and Rich VanCoppernolle
Michelle and Michael Watts
Robyn Weiss
Mary Ellen White
Jerry Wideman
Ellen Wiseman
Scott Witkowski
Melanie Wolfendwen
Kathy and Tom Wolff
Barry Wong
Nathan Wray
Carol and Edward Wujek
Stephani Yates