Conference Speakers

Dr. Imam Achmat Salie

Dr. Imam Achmat Salie has been in the metropolitan Detroit area for 17 years. He has founded an Islamic studies program at Oakland University in 2006 and another at the University of Detroit Mercy in 2011 where he directs a successful program. He has been an imam at many mega mosques in Michigan and Toledo. Imam Salie spiritual counseling’s for the past 30 years has been varied. He lives in Rochester Hills with his wife, two tween sons and two teen daughters. His academic preparation includes degrees in Islamic Jurisprudence, Arabic, Education, Business, and  is currently completing a second  PhD. Dr Salie has traveled extensively nationally and abroad to speak on topics such as nonviolence, democracy, architecture, transformative values, philanthropy, biomedical ethics, education, an epistemology of discomfort, and civic engagement. Dr. Salie believes in creating compassionate communities of conscience and in a spirituality that is righteous and not self-righteous- avoiding a rush to judgment.